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The El Paso Graphics Company


Branding is the promotion of a company, product, service or idea utilizing compelling visual, and sometimes aural, impressions: a logo; a catchy jingle or tune; an identifiable catch phrase. Branding can be as simple as designing a new wrapper or it can be as intense as a full-fledged media campaign using print, audio and video to communicate your brand message.

Your logo, stationery, business cards and advertising are all snapshots of your company that are presented to your prospective consumers. Properly designed they can convey to your customers that your company is credible, reliable and professional. Your company image relies on a logo that is polished and distinctive, forming the pillar of your brand.

Prospective customers use instinct to determine a perceived value of a product or service, and these instincts rely heavily on visual impressions. These prospects make a subconscious decision regarding whether or not they want to transact business within the first few seconds of exposure to your company, product or service. These visual impressions spring forth from the packaging of your product,your web site, commercials, radio spots or other presentation information, such as brochures or business cards. A successful image is the foundation of every successful company.

The image of your brand determines your credibility in the mind of new clients and establishes their perceived value of your company, product and services. Brands are not simply products or services, they represent the sum total of a company's products or services. The importance of a brand cannot be overstated.

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