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The El Paso Graphics Company

Print Graphics

While we perform certain types of specialty printing, such as plastic card printing and museum quality photo printing, we are not a commercial printing establishment. We provide a broad range of professional print graphic services including copywriting, digital layout, color selection, proofing, RIP, trapping and choosing a commercial printer.

Unfortunately, professional printing is more involved than just sending a word document to the printer; professional services are typically necessary in taking a project from digital concept to printed reality.

When we talk about print graphics, we usually mean graphics that are specifically intended to be sent to a printer for professional 4 color printing. Such items would include, but not necessarily be limited to, advertisements, brochures, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, presentation folders, posters, stationery, etc., are all popular examples of printed graphic materials. Other forms of printed materials are combined and bound into various publications including booklets, calendars, catalogs, magazines, manuals, newsletters, notepads, post cards and more.

Additional considerations such as fonts, layouts, color separations, color bleed, binding types and styles, aqueous coatings, ink types and many other considerations that are best left to professionals when you have need of professional print graphics services.

If you have a need for print graphic services or want more information about your printing project contact the El Paso Graphics Company today.