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The El Paso Graphics Company

Glass Etching and Sandblasting

Etching is the technique of creating art on the surface of glass by applying acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances. These methods can create subtle effects and tones without the use of color. Sandblasting creates a characteristic 'frosted' look, and is sometimes referred to as glass carving as it actually cuts into the glass, with the depth being controlled by the length of time the abrasive stream is focused on an area as well as the type of abrasive used.

Glass etching is a beautiful and elegant method of creating a graphic design on the surface of an otherwise smooth piece of glass. Etched and carved glass has been widely used throughout history, being found in upscale banks, hotels, residences, restaurants and theaters. The etched surface can further be treated with gold, silver and other color treatments to provide an even more distinctive work of art.

Etching can further be performed upon a wide range of different materials, such as ceramics, metal, stone and wood. Newer processes have been developed which allow a temporary design to be affixed to glass which is virtually indistinguishable from an actual glass etching. These temporary designs can be removed, leaving behind the intact glass.

Whether you require commercial etching for architectural projects or a more personal etching for an upscale residence, car or other purpose contact the El Paso Graphics Company today for a quote or for more information.